It has been some time since we've written an actual post to update everyone on the current state of things with Synaptex.  Mostly because we have been very busy with other projects, and because things have been running fairly smoothly.  

Lately, a few variables have changed that required us to make quick decisions and do what we could.  Florida recently set an Emergency Scheduling on Tianeptine, and this was where we were based out of.  With these being popular products, we had to quickly pack up and re-locate the business to a new state before it took effect.  We are finally starting to get back to normal regarding our recent closures.  However, our main lab recently was *also* dealing with some unexpected issues on their end and they have not been able to stock inventory at their usual warehouse, so we are currently negotiating with a few labs to begin working together and get everything back to normal.  We are hoping to have everything back to normal regarding inventory within the next two weeks.

Update 11/13 - Our inventory will begin arriving on TUESDAY (11/14) and will continue coming in through the week.  We are opening backorders for products as we get confirmation from our suppliers.  Please note, Sodium will *not* ship until Tuesday afternoon (11/14) or possibly Wednesday morning (11/15).  Keep this in mind when placing an order. We thank everyone for their patience and will reward our customers once we have inventory fully stabilized.  Sulfate and FA will arrive tentatively on Wednesday.

We are working on a new website offering an expanded range of chemical products currently, and we are excited to show you all very soon.