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Special Features:

  • Top of the range Motic biological Lab microscope
  • Highly flexible modular design
  • Multiple configurations: phase, fluorescence, polarizing, digital
  • CCIS infinity corrected Plan optics
  • 12V 50W Halogen with external lamp house
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty



Designed for laboratory and research applications, the new BA410 Elite is the flagship of Motic’s biological microscope series. Modular by design, it is available in multiple configurations from standard achromatic through phase contrast, polarizing, epi-fluorescence and, with the clever addition of the new MC580INT camera/monitor attachment, it can also be transformed into a digital microscope.

Microscope Optics

The BA410 Elite includes a Seidentopf binocular microscope head with a comfortable 30° viewing angle and two high eyepoint Widefield WF PL10x FN 22mm eyepieces. Both eyepieces include diopters for easy individual eye focusing and the interpupillary adjustment range is 48mm-75mm. 12.5x and 15x eyepieces are also available. The head rotates through 360° and is available in three optional trinocular formats – choose the standard 20:80 beam splitter (80% to the camera), the 0:100 beam splitter (100% to camera, ideal for fluorescence imaging), or a combination design which you can select 80% or 100% to the camera.

For prolonged viewing demands, the BA410 offers a complement of two different ergonomic viewing head options, each offering a FOV 22 and an interpupillary distance of 55-75mm. Special order the Binocular Ergo tube with a variable viewing angle of 4°-30°, or choose the Binocular Ergo-Plus tube which also offers telescoping extension of 35mm.

The standard configuration includes a reversed sextuplet nosepiece with four of Motic’s newly designed Enhanced Contrast (EC-H), Color Corrected Infinity System Plan objectives: EC-H Plan 4X, 10X, 40X and 100XS-Oil. 2x, 20x and 60x power objectives are also available. These new lenses are multilayer-coated for improved contrast and image enhancement, highlighting even the weakest stained specimens for superior color fidelity and digital results.

Stage & Focus

A large double-layered, anodized rackless mechanical stage measures 174mm x 145mm and features smooth, ball-bearing drive motion through 80mm x 53mm of XY movement. An upgraded spring-loaded double slide clamp offers improved stability for multiple-sample viewing while the 1mm graduated scale allows for precise, repeatable positioning of specimen slides.

The coaxial right-handed mechanical stage controls (left-hand available as well) offer finger-touch X-Y adjustment and ergonomic placement for ‘eyes down’ operation. Dual sided, rackless-movement focus controls include coaxial coarse/fine controls with mechanical-stop and slip clutch along with a newly-developed stage lock mechanism designed to minimize the risk of damage from over-extension.

Condenser & illumination

The condenser is a professional focusing swing-out Abbe 0.90 NA with rack and pinion height adjustment and centering screws. It offers focused, consistent lighting across the entire magnification range and is equally good in photomicrography applications.

High quality Koehler illumination is powered by an externally mounted 12V 50W Koehler Halogen lamp house with variable intensity and a new collector lens assembly. Universal Power Supply 100-240V UL.



Owners Manual, 5ml Immersion Oil, Allen Hex Key, 45mm Blue Filter, Dust Cover.




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