Hey all,

I wanted to personally thank all of our amazing customers for working with us and being patient, understanding, and loyal during our difficult time at the end of last year holding inventory.  We hope this is the last of our inventory issues.  With that being said however, we will be making a few changes to our products this week - including price increases.  We have long stood strong against inflation, and have made one single price increase in our 4 years of operation.  We are still leading the market in pricing with cheaper prices than any other supplier on the market. However, due to the recent spotlight on Tianeptine which has unfortunately been vilified in the media and renewed discussion which may or may not lead to a federal scheduling (Please let us be clear - we do not know enough to make an assertion one way or the other.  We are learning as much as we can on the topic and will relay to our customers once we have enough information to make an educated guess on the future of Tianeptine) as well as increasing prices from our laboratories and unsteady supply to the USA, we must increase our prices by a small margin to account for many recent, unfortunate variables.  We will run a sale in the next two weeks after our price change, as a thank you for sticking around with us.  New & upgraded packaging is on the way as well!

We are currently building the backend infrastructure for new products and will be expanding our chemical offerings over the next year.  Currently, we have a few new products coming this week to Synaptex:

- DMAA / Methylhexanamine (CAS# 105-41-9)

- Fladrafinil / CRL-40941 (CAS# 90212-80-9)

- Dapoxetine Hydrochloride (CAS# 129938-20-1)

More will be added over the next few months as we expand.  Keep an eye out for an announcement when these products go live.