Order Update Descriptions

On Hold – We have not yet verified your payment.

Processing – We have received your payment and will ship your order the same day.

Completed – Your order has been shipped.  Keep an eye out for an email for your tracking number.


General Info

We ship 5 days of the week (Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday).
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee are the states we DO NOT send to due to laws and regulations prohibiting us from doing so.

If your order is placed and paid for before our cutoff time, we will ship it that day.


Cutoff Times:
Monday – Thursday, 2PM Central Time

Friday, 3PM Central Time

If there is a delay or any issue on our part, we will ALWAYS contact you regarding the delay.  ANY delay that is not accompanied with an email from us explaining the reasoning behind the issue is a delay that we do not have responsibility over, nor do we have the power to do anything about it.  Once your package is dropped off to your chosen shipping service, it is their responsibility to get it to you, and their responsibility when a delay arises.


Shipping Times

Tracking numbers can take up to a few hours after being scanned at the post office to show up in the system.  USPS Tracking Numbers come automatically from ship@pirateship.com, not our email.  FedEx tracking numbers come from support@synaptex-unlimited.com

Keep this in mind when placing your order.  Tracking numbers can take up to 2 hours after your order is marked as complete to be delivered to your email.

Do not email us asking for your tracking number unless it has been 12 hours, and you’ve thoroughly checked every single folder in your email account.


USPS Shipping Estimates

1-5 Days: First Class 
This is our Free Shipping option.  First Class shipping may take 1-5 days or more depending on your location. On average, this method takes 2-3 days.  Recently, with changes made to how the USPS prioritizes it’s packages First Class is now considered the lowest priority.  What this means is that if there is a high volume of Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express, those shipping options will take priority over First Class which may delay your shipment.  We do not suggest this option if you are restricted on time.

1-3 Days: Priority Mail 
Priority Mail shipping is our most popular option! Almost all packages with this option arrive in 2 days or sooner.

NOTE: This option CAN take 1-3 days, and we have seen delays up to 4-5 days or more on RARE occasions.  Priority mail is not always guaranteed in 2 days.

1-2 Days: Priority Mail Express 
This option can take up to 2 days.  This is not anything that we can help, as this is the current USPS policy.  However, it is one of our fastest shipping options, and most orders arrive the next day.

USPS does not have a guaranteed overnight option.


FedEx Shipping

FedEx is offered as a better alternative for overnight shipments. We offer many different types of FedEx shipping services depending on your needs, mainly Overnight and 2 Day options.

Please be aware that you must use FedEx Saturday Delivery on Fridays for your package to be delivered on Saturday.  FedEx does not deliver on Saturdays unless an upcharge is paid.

This option uses Priority Overnight with Saturday Delivery upcharge.

If a 2 Day Shipping Option is chosen on Thursday, your package will not arrive until Monday.

If an Overnight option(Excluding FedEx Saturday Delivery) is chosen on Friday, your package will not arrive until Monday.

We are not responsible for refunding shipping costs if this mistake is made.  Take care when choosing your shipping option.

Some orders may have shipping costs refunded on a case-by-case basis.


Tracking Your Order

Tracking numbers are emailed automatically to the email address provided at checkout by the end of the day, but your package will not start moving until 5 p.m. or later that day as a result of postal service cutoff times here for USPS and FedEx.  We do not refund shipping costs from USPS Priority Mail Express, FedEx Overnight, or any other “guaranteed” shipping option that experiences an unexpected delay and falls out of the “guaranteed” shipping timeframe.  These refunds are purposefully made incredibly difficult to get, and we are unable to spend the time/resources to retrieve those refunds at this time.


Delayed Package Policy

Sometimes packages can be delayed, usually due to either a high volume of incoming mail at the shipping service, a natural disaster, or holidays.  When a package is delayed, a lost package claim can be made which will get the package moving within 24 hours of filing the claim, or it will help you receive confirmation that the package is actually lost and not just delayed which we can use to organize a new shipment to you.  To file a lost package claim, you must call USPS or FedEx.  Do not use the lost package claim forms on their websites, as these are largely ignored from our experience.  Call USPS(1-800-275-8777) or FedEx(1-800-463-3339) Customer Service and push your way past the robot(just keep asking to speak to a customer service representative or pressing the # sign) and once it connects you to a live person, just let them know you would like to file a lost package claim.  They will ask you a couple of questions about your package, and give you a claim number.  Keep this handy in case they verify that it is lost.  Your package should now begin moving within the next 24 hours.  If it does not, give them a call back and see if they can verify whether or not it is lost.  If it is considered lost by the shipping service, we will re-ship your full order and expedite it.  We cannot re-ship without confirmation from the shipping company that the package is lost and will not be recovered.  If they tell you that they need to speak with the shipper, send us an email with your claim number and we will give them a call.  NOTE: If your package is delayed, we will also send you a discount code.  Just send us your tracking number, or a screenshot showing it was delivered late.  Again, we do not refund shipping costs as these “guaranteed” ship dates are nothing more than a successful marketing tactic for shipping services.  The reality is that it is very difficult to actually get a refund because of everything they require(documentation, receipts, and a whole lot more).  We will do everything we can to help!

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